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New Art Initiative Explores Sustainability Through Creativity

by thapana @December,14 2012 13.44 ( IP : 171...237 ) | Tags : Breakings News

By  Noth Table CA

GO Train travel just got a little brighter. On Tuesday, No. 9: Contemporary Art and the Environment, Metrolinx and Toronto-based artists Jennifer Marman and Daniel Borins announced Art Train Conductor No. 9, a moving, mobile public art project. The initiative showcases the typically green and white GO train in a way never seen before, with one of its cars covered in abstract, brightly coloured vinyl wrap, and the inside ceiling featuring a similar look. Art Train Conductor No. 9 will operate on various corridors of the GO Transit Greater Toronto and Hamilton area networks. The project, originally conceived as a facet of this summer’s MOVE: Transportation Expo taking place at the Evergreen Brickworks, aims to encourage public transit and address urban environmental issues through the use of public art and a mobile app.

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